Current Project: Fluid Mechanics

During this past spring as an experiment and to satisfy my curiosity, I derived fluid mechanics from the underlying particle motion, while using the more standard derivation of fluid mechanics given in Fluid Mechanics by Kundo, Cohen and Dowling as a guide. My goal was to see if I could complete the derivation in a undirected or in this case semi-directed scenario. In the end I was able to complete the derivation and once I finished it I began looking for similar derivations in books and articles. After some searching I found a derivation of fluid mechanics using a similar technique in the text book by Frank H. Shu The Physics of Astrophysics, Volume II: Gass Dynamics, the derivation is given in the second chapter. Now having completed this derivation of fluid mechanics and a previous derivation of the dynamics of strings I have some appreciation for difficulty of completing a derivation in an undirected manner. So with that in mind my goal for the summer is to complete similar derivations in fluid mechanics, to extend the derivation I have already completed and to do these derivations on my own so as to gain more experience in the process.

Completed Articles

Articles in Progress

  • Fluid Mechanics from Particle Motion: Theoretical Applications
  • Fluid Mechanics from Particle Motion: Computational Applications