I created I-Process to be a platform where I can share the ideas and projects that I am developing; specifically the focus of this site is to present content about and involving Math, Physics and Computer Programming. Some of the posts on this site have accompanying source code or scripts; all of the code is open source and currently available at github.com/lsiemens/iprocess-projects.

Luke Siemens

I am an undergrad student in the Physics and Astronomy program at the University of Victoria (UVic). Over the past couple of years I have been working for Dr. Falk Herwig, an Associate Professor at Uvic. I first worked for Dr. Herwig in a CO-OP work term, and have continued to work for him in the summer terms. During the CO-OP work-term I primarily worked on the NuGrid project. my participation in that project included optimizing and maintaining some of the NuGrid python tools, along with setting up the online documentation for the tools. Since then I have worked on the development of the interactive interfaces for the data exploration tools SYGMA, OMEGA and NuGrid Set Explorer. These tools are part of the NuGrid project “WENDI” (Web Exploration of NuGrid Datasets: Interactive).

Apart from my studies, my spare time is occupied with playing the drums and programming. I have been programming as a hobby for many years, and since 2010 I have taught myself C/C++, JavaScript, Python and Fortran. In addition to these programming languages, I have dabbled in Java, Lua and a couple other scripting languages.

If you have comments, questions or would like to contact me please email me at luke.siemens@lsiemens.com.